ocean viewHead for the beach!

Cadiz boasts of having some of the best beaches in Spain. After all, Cadiz is almost completely surrounded by water, connected to the mainland by a thin strip of land. Yes, it is almost an island in itself with water, sandy beaches and wide open spaces.

Mind you, Cadiz’ beaches are not just for getting a suntan. It is a venue for various enjoyable water activities, such as sailing, whale watching, scuba diving, windsurfing and jet skiing. What's more, you can even swim with the dolphins and the whales in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Come night-time, the beaches take on a different kind of life. The nightlife at the beaches in Cadiz spells fun, fun, fun! During the summer, locals and tourists alike congregate in the many chiringuitos (beach bars), having some tapas and drinks, while lying on the beach and listening to the coming and going of the waves. You can also have a relaxing walk along the promenade, with the sea air providing the ambiance.

Beaches in Cadiz

    La Playa de la Caleta (Caleta Beach)
      This is one of the most popular beaches in Cadiz. It is close to the La Viña neighborhood, and thus it is often called Baño de la Viña. The beach is framed by the two castles: Santa Catalina and San Sebastian, and its beauty is such that it is always mentioned in the songs sung during the Carnival.
      This is where the Gaditanos hang out to cool down. You can see the whole family having a picnic in the beach, with the children building sandcastles and grandparents playing cards or bingo.
      Indeed, it is filled with brilliant mixes of local color. It figured in the James Bond movie Die Another Day, starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry.
      The beach has undergone a great deal of development. It is 50 meters wide and 450 meters long and was awarded its first white flag almost 10 years ago. You can go visit this beach anytime and there are no admission fees.
    La Playa de la Victoria (Victoria Beach)
      This may very well be one of the best beaches in Spain, with its champagne-colored sands and wide open space. The beach is located on the west side of the “semi-island." It has undergone extensive development which has resulted in a wider beach. The Paseo Maritimo is the main promenade that stretches from one end of the city to another. The Paseo is quite beautiful and is lined with chiringuitos where you can feast on different kinds of tapas.
      At night, the beach is lit by arc lights and becomes the perfect place to have a dance party. It is a popular summer hangout.
      The La Playa de la Victoria is a white flag beach and even until today, it still maintains its high standards. It is regularly maintained, and is equipped with sports areas, beach umbrellas and sun loungers. The beach is quite spacious, 185 meters wide and 2,500 meters long.
    La Playa de Santa Maria del Mar (Santa Maria del Mar Beach)
      This small beach (only 400 meters long!) and is located in the northernmost part of the city. Also called the Playita de las Mujeres and sits between the La Caleta Beach and the Victoria Beach. The beach covers the ancient walls of Cadiz and provides stunning views of the Cortadura, La Caleta and La Victoria. Its small size may be a plus, as it can give a feeling of intimacy.
    La Playa de la Cortadua (La Cortadura Beach)
      Located on the southern part of Cadiz, this is the city's longest beach, as it stretches a whopping 4,000 meters between Torregorda and Cortadura. It is the most unspoilt beach in Cadiz, with fine-grained golden sand. It has been awarded seven blue flags.