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Time appears to have stood still in Cadiz, the port city in southern of Spain, where the pace of life continues to follow ancient rhythms unmoved by modern life.

Made up of narrow streets connecting a series of open squares and several churches of staggering beauty, Cadiz offers visitors a unique sightseeing experience. Founded by the Phoenicians in 1100 BC, it is one of the oldest known settlements in Western Europe and also enjoys mythological ties to Hercules, lending muscle to many of the town's claims to fame as outlined in our travel guide to Cadiz.

Chief among these is the unmistakable golden dome of the Cathedral Nueva that serves as a landmark and beckons visitors to approach for a closer look. This can involve entry into the imposing building that serves up a memorable view of the city below. This structure took more than 100 years to complete, and the resultant change in tastes over time is evident in the mix of styles on display throughout. It is a partial miracle that the thing does not look a horrible mess considering that it was started in the Baroque style, encountered a smattering of rococo before being finished very much under the influence of the Neoclassical style. Inside, lies the magnificent tomb of the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla.

The presence of a "new" cathedral suggests the presence of an old or at least others and one could do worse than seek out the Santa Cruza with its frescoes painted by Goya.

One other local destination worth a look is the Museo Historico Municipal where visitors can see a mural depicting the agreement introducing the 1812 constitution and a large model of the city circa 1779. It may have been made using mahogany and ivory ten years before the French revolution, but if nothing else shows exactly how little has changed in the town.

Nearby attractions include Jerez to the north. One of the main reasons travellers book cheap flights to Jerez is to sample some of the world-famous sherry that is produced here. In nearby Sanlucar, horse racing along the local beach has been attracting spectators since 1845. Other relatively nearby Andalucia destinations within driving distance include Malaga, gateway to the Costa del Sol, and Seville. Those not wishing to drive could book cheap flights to Malaga or cheap flights to Seville.

Though it entails much more than a day trip, Cadiz is also the departure point for ferries heading to the Canary Islands.

As with any coastal destination in Spain, travellers can expect to have a number of beaches and the standard accompanying facilities including bars, cafes and restaurants and Cadiz, for all its old-world charm, is no exception in this regard. However, Cadiz is located on the Costa de la Luz along Spain's Atlantic coast making for cooler water than that enjoyed by bathers along the nearby Mediterranean coastline. Nearby bathing beaches on the Bay of La Caleta are closest with more choices - Playa de Santa María and Playa la Victoria among them - a touch further away. Standard seaside watersports are on offer throughout.

Before booking flights to Spain and for other, further afield, potential destinations, check out the travel guide to Spain.