Why Holiday in Cadiz?

1. People
More than the historical monuments or beaches, Cadiz’s major attraction is its people. The Gaditanos are open and friendly. Indeed, a holiday in Cadiz is made more enjoyable by a warm Gaditano welcome. They also have a great sense of humor and a sense of fun. The Carnival is one great way to see the Gaditanos’ fun-loving side at work. Come Carnival time, you will see the people filling the air with laughter, songs and cheer.

2. Architecturecadiz cathedral
In Cadiz, there are churches, monuments, castles and towers galore! Visit the majestic cathedral with its golden-tiled dome and awesome interior, the churches of San Felipe Neri and Santa Cruz and the gorgeous San Sebastian Castle. The houses (more aptly described as mansions) are also fascinating – Casa de las Cadenas and Casa del Almirante are just two examples. Indeed, there is so much more to see in Cadiz when it comes to architecture.

3. Carnival
Bring out the dancing shoes and the colorful costumes! Cadiz Carnival is probably one of the most colorful and beautiful festivals in mainland Spain. It dazzles, it astounds, with its music, festive air, colorful masquerades and parades. The Carnival is one grand celebration that shows the Gaditano spirit and verve.

4. Location
Almost surrounded by the sea, roaming the streets of Cadiz is a pleasure – it means you are always never far away from the beach. The location also enables you to make the most of your holiday; you can use Cadiz as a start off point to many exciting excursions to El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez de la Frontera, Costa de Luz and Gibraltar. The province also has quite a number of natural parks.

5. Flamencoflamenco
Cadiz is a flamenco lover’s paradise! They say that Cadiz is the birthplace of flamenco. The sheer number of great flamenco artists – dancers, singers and guitarists – from Cadiz is testimony to this fact. The district of Santa Maria is the so-called temple of flamenco singing.

6. Beaches
Soak up the sun during your holiday. Come summer, locals and tourists flock Cadiz’s beaches, which are some of most beautiful in the region. Miles upon miles of clear waters and golden sand can be found in the beaches of Playa Victoria, Playa de la Caleta, Playa Cortadura and Playa de Santa Maria del Mar. What’s more, most of these beaches are near beloved historical monuments and castles, so you can enjoy your time in the sun and go sight-seeing all in one fell swoop.

7. Food
Isn't life grand, especially if you have fabulous food fueling your activities? Cadiz’s gastronomic scene is wide and varied – feast on lobster and sea-snails, dip your churros on thick, hot chocolate, try the tapas scene, sip winde from Jerez de la Frontera. Whatever you do, it is sure to be a remarkable gastronomic experience.

8. Plazas
Simply meandering along the streets and squares (plazas) in Cadiz is a pleasure in itself. The plazas have their own distinct personality – and their own set of monuments and sights. There is the Plaza Mina, where you can find the Cadiz Archeological and Fine Arts Museum. The Tio de la Tiza square sits right at the heart of the La Viña district and it is where the Carnival kicks off a bright start. The Plaza de España, which is near the port, offers you the monument to Cortes and the palace of the Provincial Government. Other squares are just as interesting, Plazas de San Francisco, de las Flores, San Juan de Dios are just more of the open spaces that you will come to love about Cadiz.

9. Art and Culture
Aside from the architecture and historical monuments, Cadiz boasts of a vibrant art and culture scene. There is, of course, the Cadiz-born composer, Manuel de Falla, whose remains rest in the Cathedral. There are also museums and regular exhibitions in the many cultural centers in Cadiz.

10. Nightlifediscoteca
Rock with the Gaditanos! You have the nightlife option to just chill out in any of the many chiringuitos (beach bars) along the coast and enjoy some very spectacular sunsets. Then go straight ahead to party at the many clubs and bars in the city.