Bars in Cadiz

poolside caféDuring the summer, head for the beaches. At night, the beach sparkles with a new life. Locals and tourists alike flock the chiringuitos (beach bars) for some drinks and dance music. These are excellent for just chilling out – you will also get to see superb sunsets and sunrises (if you party the entire night away).

On colder days, the spotlight moves from the beach to the Old Town Center.

Plaza de Mina is a good place to start when you want to explore the bar scene at Cadiz, Spain. From here, most good bars are just within walking distance. You might want to try what some Gaditanos do – botellon. They buy their own drinks and bring it to the plazas to drink. That way, you get to save some money, and it is quite fun to drink under the stars.
Bars are generally lively and a lot of fun. They are places where you can simply relax, unwind, and make new friends. What's more, these bars open until the wee hours of the morning.

Here are some bars worth visiting:

    O’ Connells
      Great Irish pub with friendly staff.
    • Address:Plaza San Francisco
    Marimba Bar
      A chiringuito of the first water. Very lively, full of fun.
    • Address:Paseo Maritimo
    Bar Jarra
      Plays some of the best Spanish music.
    • Address: Calle Jose Agullo
    San Latino
  • Address: Plaza de Mina
    El Quinto Pina
      A local hangout.
    • Address: Plaza San Juan de Dios
    Pasaja Andaluz
      Very reasonably priced.
    • Address: Plaza San De Dios
    La Marea El Chiringuito
  • Address: Paseo Maritimo
    La Mirilla
  • Address: Plaza de Asdrubal, 8
    Las Pergolas
  • Address: Paseo Maritimo, 11
  • Address: Paseo Maritimo
  • Address: Paseo Maritimo, 11
    El Timbre
  • Address: Calle Manuel Rances, 6