City Center

The city center is a colorful mosaic of sounds, smells and sights. There are the strains of flamenco that is so often heard – the clapping, finger-snapping and passionate singing. There is also the smell of traditional Andalusian cooking wafting from the many restaurants along your way. There are also the colors of the buildings and plazas.looking at a map

The best way to explore this city is to simply fold your map and go where your feet lead you. This is because Cadiz City is a city of squares, gardens and promenades. The squares will lead you into narrow streets, each and every one of which will lead you to another plaza. Each plaza houses at least one church. These plazas are particularly enjoyable, with the orange trees providing a unique aroma and giving you more zest and energy for your journey.

Walking along these will give you an excellent feel of the place. What’s more, some streets are so narrow that the only way to travel through them is on foot!