Spanish Courses in Cadiz


When you study with Enforex at our partner school in Cádiz, you can choose from a a variety of courses.

General Spanish Courses

Our General Intensive Course is our signature Spanish language program. We want to accommodate to all schedules and learning styles, that's why YOU get to pick how long you want to follow your Intensive 20+5 course (anywhere from one week to one year).

  • Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish
    (1+ weeks)
  • Long Duration Course
    (10+ weeks)
  • Semester or Year Abroad
    (24+ weeks)

Special Spanish Courses

Many students who come to Cádiz to learn Spanish arrive with certain goals and interests in mind. Our "special" Spanish courses provide you with the opportunity to have a say in your program's duration, intensity and even content.

  • One on One Lessons
    (personalized program)
  • Student Groups
    (personalized program; 8+ students)

Spanish for Professionals


The demand for Spanish-speaking professionals is constantly growing, as the importance of Spanish is on the rise across all sorts of professional fields. At our partner school in Cádiz, Enforex offers you the chance to improve your general Spanish skills while simultaneously acquiring the topic-specific vocabulary and cultural knowledge to feel comfortable expressing yourself in a professional environment.

  • Executive One on One Course
    (program intensity, duration & content up to you!)