Baroque Architecture

baroque domeHere are some examples of Baroque Architecture in Cadiz, Spain:

    Casa del Almirante (The Admiral’s House)
      This 17th century Baroque building is, unfortunately, a private house and you can only appreciate it from the outside. But that is quite enough, for it is an outstanding example of Baroque architecture and it stands out in the El Populo district. It has an elaborate marble façade and is located in the Plaza de San Martin.
    La Palma Church
      This church was built in the 18th century and is located in the Barrio de la Viña.
    San Antonio de Padua Parish Church
      Although this was originally not in the Baroque style, this 17th century structure was rebuilt in the Baroque tradition during the 19th century, during reconstruction, a new tower was added to its exterior.
    Hospital de las Mujeres (Women’s Hospital)
      This hospital has an imposing staircase and two huge courtyards dating from 1740. The hospital also has a chapel with the painting of the Ecstasy of Saint Francis done by El Greco.
    Nueva Catedral (The New Cathedral)
      This is in the Baroque and Neoclassical style. The remains of the Gaditano composer Manuel de Falla lies in the crypt.
    Church of San Felipe Neri
      This 18th century church is an example of Andalusian Baroque. Located at Calle Santa Ines, this is a historical structure, as it is the site where Spain’s first liberal constitution was declared. The church is topped by an immense cupola and has the image of the Immaculate Conception over the main altar.