Bullfighting in Cadiz



Bullfighting is so much a part of the culture of Spain- especially in Andalusia. Even today, when some do not consider it a politically correct activity, bullfighting enthusiasts gather around the bullring to cheer their favorite matador (bullfighter) who stands resplendent in his traje de luces (suit of lights). This suit of lights is a dazzling ensemble of tricorn hat, jacket elaborately embroidered with gold thread and tighter than tight trousers.

In the province of Cadiz (though sadly, not in the city itself) are a number of bullrings, matador training schools, and museums.
The major bullrings around Cadiz may be found in the following towns:

Jerez de la Frontera
Built in 1894, the bullfighting program is scheduled to coincide with the Horse Fair in May.

El Puerto de Santa Maria
Built by Tomas Osborne y Bohl de Faber in 1880, it has many exhibitions and festivities, especially in the summer.

Watch the major bullfights during the spring Royal Fair.

The other bullrings you can visit in the Cadiz province are in La Linea de la Concepcion, Sanlucar de Bradameda and San Fernando.