Cadiz CF

For some football fun, watch Cadiz Club de Futbol (or Cadiz CF) play a home game at Ramon de Carranza Stadium. Watch the El Submarino Amarillo (The Yellow Submarines) sink their foes in a highly enjoyale game of football.cadiz cf
Watching football is an experience in itself, as you can see the Gaditanos at their jovial best. These avid fans of Cadiz Cf are called "Cadistas." Typically Gaditano, they are loud, boisterous and friendly. In fact, a recent survey named them the best fans in Spain, for their spirit, camaraderie and humor. Expect the Ramon de Carranza Stadium to be jam-packed during the game and be ready to get a taste of Gaditano humor. It’s great fun to listen to the Cadistas cheer and sings songs like “We’re here to get drunk, so win or lose, it doesn’t matter!”