Holy Week

Holy Week is an occasion for meditating and showing devotion. In Cadiz, as well as the rest of Spain, the Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a yearly tradition that is celebrated by locals and tourists alike. The city takes on a serious and contemplative mien, and standing in the plazas and streets often feels like you are inside a temple or cathedral. cathedral of cadiz

During the Holy Week, there are parades done by the various religious brotherhoods and fraternities. These brotherhoods are tasked to be “costaleros”, carriers of the the tronos or statues of saints that are ornately carved and decorated. In Cadiz, it is the Grenuo (the fraternity of the Nazerenos) that hold prominence during the parade. Following the costaleros are the “nazarenos”, which are dressed in somber garb – masks, tunics and hoods.

The parade starts and ends in a designated cathedral. The parade is a particularly spiritual and poignant event. One finds himself moved by the rhythm of the marching and the sound of the saeta, which is a religious song reminiscent of the flamenco.

spanish festival The parades happen throughout the week. On Easter Saturday, the Santo Entierro, is paraded throughout the city, and is steered by fourteen men.
Holy Week in Cadiz, and throughout Spain is an experience not to be missed. The floats are enthralling and magnificent, and the costumes and parades have a mystic all its own.