Car Hire in Cadiz

car rentalDriving through the city of Cadiz is a challenge. For those who are not seasoned European drivers, you will find the inner roads of Cadiz city quite narrow. So, if you want to drive, stick to the bigger avenues near the seafronts.

Parking is also another challenge. Though you will find underground parking garages all throughout the city, it will cost you around €1 per hour. If you are able to find a parking slot in the ring road surrounding the city, remember to deposit coins in the meter. If there are computerized boxes (with blue edgings), you can also deposit your parking fee and it will print out a ticket. Be sure to display this ticket prominently in your dashboard, else you might be issued a ticket. If you are staying in a hotel with a parking garage, you can make use of this facility for between €9 and €14 a day.

Cadiz Car Hire Companies

  • Address: Avenida Puerto del Sol 1
  • Telephone: +34 956 658 099

    Autos Fortuna
  • Address: 0 Sitio Calahonda
  • Telephone: +34 952 934 569

  • Address: 15 Avenida De La Libertad 11500
  • Telephone: +34 956 861 021
  • Website:

  • Address: Plaza de Sevilla
  • Telephone: +34 956 280 507
  • Website:

  • Address: 18 Avenida Jose Leon de Carranza 11011
  • Telephone: +34 956 252 531
  • Website:

    National Car Rental
  • Address: 0 Calle Puerto Real
  • Telephone: +34 956 262 002
  • Website: