Markets in Cadiz

Around Cadiz, there are a number of markets that provide a great experience whether you are buying or just looking at what the locals are buying. Come November 1 (All Saints’ Day or Tosantos celebrations), the markets are gaily decorated and sell nuts, fruits and other items that will be used for the occasion. shopping center

    Central Market
      This is a covered market that sells a wide range of food products: the catch of the day (the freshest fish you can get), meat, vegetables and other souvenirs. Although you will not necessarily buy anything here (since that usually means that you have to have the means to cook what you bought), it is fun to watch what the local housewives and chefs are buying.
    • Address: P.I. Libertad, Near Plaza de las Flores
    Plaza de las Flores – Flower Market
      As the name suggests, Plaza de las Flores is filled with flower shops. Feast you eyes on the colors of the different flowers and on the aroma these exude.
    • Address: Plaza de las Flores
    Sunday Fleamarket
      Every Sunday morning, a fleamarket is set up around the Central Market. Shopping at a leisurely pace is a good way to spend a warm Sunday morning.
    • Address: Mercado de Abastos
    Columela Street
      This street is a major shopping area in the city. There are shops aplenty, selling clothes, shoes, books and furniture.
    • Address: Columela Street, Near Plaza de las Flores

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